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Jason Hinterweger
Jason Hinterweger

We Buy Houses El Paso Tx Free

Once you have read through these requirements and taken the Guide to Homeownership course please contact the City of El Paso Community and Human Development office at for a full application.

we buy houses el paso tx


Gorgeous, spacious home with great views as well as plenty of privacy. Backyard has a built in grill and a view overlooking west el paso. Kitchen has a huge walk in pantry as well as plenty of storage room. Master bedroom has an amazing entertainment center, situated from other rooms for privacy, and two spacious +cedar oak walk in closets. All rooms have private bathrooms, ample space, and cedar oak closets. The indoor pool and hot tub is great for gatherings and get-togethers. The pool area also comes with an entertainment center and a mini bar. 'Due to the condition, the property may have health/safety risk(s). Prior to entry / access, all parties must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement and 041b061a72


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