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Emil Strainu Incursiune In Lumea Subterana.pdf

Emil Strainu Incursiune In Lumea Subterana.pdf

Emil Strainu is a Romanian researcher, writer and journalist who has published several books on topics such as paranormal phenomena, extraterrestrial civilizations, underground worlds, secret societies and conspiracies. One of his most intriguing works is "Incursiune in lumea subterana" (Invasion into the underground world), which explores the mysteries and secrets of the subterranean realms of Earth.

In this book, Strainu presents various events and facts that occurred in Antarctica, the Bermuda Triangle, the Death Triangle of Crimea, the Bucegi Mountains and the Caraiman Mountains, as well as other energetic centers of the planet. He reveals the existence of ancient civilizations, alien bases, time portals, psychic phenomena, mind control and other non-conventional aspects of reality. He also discusses the role of Romania in the global scenario and the hidden agenda of the elite.


Some of the subjects covered in this book are:

  • The Bucegi Mountains, the main energetic center of Earth.

  • How to access parallel universes.

  • We are the guinea pigs of extraterrestrials.

  • How and by whom our brain is controlled.

  • Time travel - a reality.

  • Temporal gates in the Caraiman Mountains.

  • The intraterrestrials among us.

  • How animals sense earthquakes.

  • Who really rules Earth.

  • The mysteries of the underground civilization.

The book is based on Strainu's own investigations and research, as well as on testimonies and documents from various sources. He claims to have access to classified information and to have witnessed some of the phenomena he describes. He also provides illustrations and photographs to support his claims. The book is written in a clear and accessible style, with a touch of humor and irony. It is intended for anyone who is interested in exploring the unknown and challenging the conventional wisdom.

"Incursiune in lumea subterana" is available in PDF format online , or can be purchased from various bookstores. It is a fascinating and provocative read that will open your mind to new possibilities and realities.


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