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Gta 5 Auto Drive

@weirdsciencex Can you tell me what version of the mod you are using, and paste your autonomousdriving.ini file's contents into a comment here so that I can try to reproduce the bug. Providing a link to a video of your game going through all the steps would also be very helpful

Gta 5 Auto Drive

@Hycade @ponny2oo2 @Armouredivision ... @others.... i have not been able to work on this mod because my computer was destroyed (long story), I want to say it should still work but its possible that the API has changed on the scripthookV .NET framework or even possibly on the GTA5 game itself.. if any of the changes happen to be involving a part of this particular mod, you should get error messages when the game first opens. As far as the INI file goes, if the AI settings are enabled, then the cars will copy the driving style that you use when the auto-drive mode is DISABLED. So, when its NOT on auto-drive (aka no waypoint on map) then you should drive as fast / crazy / fun as you feel is necessary to as many places around the map as possible.

Then once auto-drive is turned on (aka a waypoint is chosen on the map) whenever you are nearby a place where you have driven manually before and the mod was enabled, your car will duplicate your driving style (speed, followed nodes)

To those who are getting unexpected behavior from this mod. Please read the entire text file that comes included with this mod. It not only explains the fine details of what this mod does and how it works, but it also explains why many things happen or dont happen. im considering making a newer version of this that uses some kind of ML or AI real neural network to train a few different models and see if i can get one of them to actually drive without just crashing

@m1ke510a Hey man I just found this, and working or not the concept is super awesome and some next level stuff for a small script running behind the scenes. You are a smarter human being than I and for that you get my most humble of peasant respect. Machine learning scares the crap out of me and fascinates me all the same. Seems like your script already machine learned how to lock me out of playing GTA5 while it drives around the game world honoring school and construction zones.

Does anybody know of a mod that allows you to have self driving cars without actually having to be in the vehicle? Maybe you could save the vehicle, like with Menyoo's menu, and then activate a key to have it drive to a waypoint or to you.

Does anybody know of a mod that allows you to have self driving cars without actually having to be in the vehicle? Maybe you could save the vehicle, like with Menyoo's menu, and then activate a key to have it drive to a waypoint or to you.\n","tid":"30437","uid":"192964","upvotes":0,"downvotes":0,"votes":0,"timestampISO":"2020-07-13T02:32:02.859Z","editedISO":"","index":0,"user":"uid":"192964","username":"SoulsOfWolves","fullname":"","userslug":"soulsofwolves","reputation":"0","postcount":"2","picture":"","signature":"","banned":false,"status":"offline","lastonline":"1595465363530","groupTitle":null,"icon:text":"S","icon:bgColor":"#ff5722","lastonlineISO":"2020-07-23T00:49:23.530Z","custom_profile_info":[],"editor":null,"bookmarked":false,"upvoted":false,"downvoted":false,"selfPost":false,"display_edit_tools":false,"display_delete_tools":false,"display_moderator_tools":false,"display_move_tools":false,"display_post_menu":0},"edited":"1594692152345","pid":"164233","content":"@SoulsOfWolves In that case, why not call your mechanic (on your iFruit phone), and have a car delivered to you?\n","tid":"30437","toPid":"164186","timestamp":"1594691884256","deleted":false,"editor":"uid":"25328","username":"meimeiriver","userslug":"meimeiriver","uid":"25328","upvotes":0,"downvotes":0,"votes":0,"timestampISO":"2020-07-14T01:58:04.256Z","editedISO":"2020-07-14T02:02:32.345Z","index":1,"parent":"username":"SoulsOfWolves","user":"uid":"25328","username":"meimeiriver","fullname":"","userslug":"meimeiriver","reputation":"1425","postcount":"1856","picture":"","signature":""Are you having fun? You remember fun? It's that thing you pretend to have while documenting every moment, meal and faux memory. I've got a challenge for you: turn your phone off for a day and see how uncomfortable you get." -- Cara Delevingne\n","banned":false,"status":"offline","lastonline":"1675939152351","groupTitle":"Global Moderators","icon:text":"M","icon:bgColor":"#009688","lastonlineISO":"2023-02-09T10:39:12.351Z","selectedGroup":"name":"Global Moderators","slug":"global-moderators","labelColor":"#0abc48","icon":"fa-balance-scale","userTitle":"MODERATOR","custom_profile_info":[],"bookmarked":false,"upvoted":false,"downvoted":false,"replies":"users":[],"timestampISO":"","count":0,"selfPost":false,"display_edit_tools":false,"display_delete_tools":false,"display_moderator_tools":false,"display_move_tools":false,"display_post_menu":0,"edited":"1595195823745","pid":"164475","content":"GTA: Knight Rider has Drive to Waypoint even if there's no one in the vehicle. (which I regularly abused back in my FiveM days!)\n","tid":"30437","timestamp":"1595195799887","deleted":false,"editor":"uid":"13275","username":"Rstein","userslug":"rstein","uid":"13275","upvotes":0,"downvotes":0,"votes":0,"timestampISO":"2020-07-19T21:56:39.887Z","editedISO":"2020-07-19T21:57:03.745Z","index":2,"user":"uid":"13275","username":"Rstein","fullname":"","userslug":"rstein","reputation":"19","postcount":"193","picture":"","signature":"","banned":false,"status":"offline","lastonline":"1675812107997","groupTitle":null,"icon:text":"R","icon:bgColor":"#607d8b","lastonlineISO":"2023-02-07T23:21:47.997Z","custom_profile_info":[],"bookmarked":false,"upvoted":false,"downvoted":false,"replies":"users":[],"timestampISO":"","count":0,"selfPost":false,"display_edit_tools":false,"display_delete_tools":false,"display_moderator_tools":false,"display_move_tools":false,"display_post_menu":0],"category":"disabled":false,"name":"General Modding Discussion","description":"Chat with fellow modders about the latest and greatest in GTA V modding","icon":"fa-gear","post_count":"43287","order":"3","class":"col-md-3 col-xs-6","parentCid":"0","topic_count":"10136","bgColor":"#74c5de","slug":"5/general-modding-discussion","numRecentReplies":"1","descriptionParsed":"Chat with fellow modders about the latest and greatest in GTA V modding\n","link":"","color":"#fff","cid":"5","imageClass":"cover","totalPostCount":"43287","totalTopicCount":"10136","thread_tools":["class":"toggleQuestionStatus alert-warning","title":"Ask as question","icon":"fa-question-circle"],"isFollowing":false,"isNotFollowing":true,"isIgnoring":false,"bookmark":null,"postSharing":[],"deleter":null,"deletedTimestampISO":"","related":[],"unreplied":false,"icons":[],"breadcrumbs":["text":"[[global:home]]","url":"/","text":"General Modding Discussion","url":"/category/5/general-modding-discussion","text":"Auto-Drive mod"],"privileges":"topics:reply":false,"topics:read":true,"topics:delete":false,"posts:edit":false,"posts:delete":false,"read":true,"view_thread_tools":false,"editable":false,"deletable":false,"view_deleted":false,"isAdminOrMod":false,"disabled":false,"tid":"30437","uid":0,"topicStaleDays":60,"reputation:disabled":false,"downvote:disabled":false,"feeds:disableRSS":true,"bookmarkThreshold":5,"postEditDuration":31540000,"postDeleteDuration":0,"scrollToMyPost":true,"rssFeedUrl":"/topic/30437.rss","pagination":"prev":"page":1,"active":false,"next":"page":1,"active":false,"rel":[],"pages":[],"currentPage":1,"pageCount":1,"loggedIn":false,"relative_path":"","template":"name":"topic","topic":true,"url":"/topic/30437/auto-drive-mod","bodyClass":"page-topic page-topic-30437 page-topic-auto-drive-mod"} Internal Error.Oops! 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Now, everyone who is using this trick is most likely using it for the Goliath race glitch, which is one of the longest races in the game. As I mentioned before, it takes anything between 10 to 15 minutes to complete the race which can really challenge your focus. But if you use these settings and this trick, you can let your character auto-drive it while you are AFK.

That "agent" was "trained via imitation learning on 21 hours (about 600,000 images) on the game's AI driving," according to OpenAI. "The baseline agent can drive in a variety of different weather conditions, react to traffic, and keep to its lane. This agent is a start, which we invite the community to improve upon!"

You might have heard that some folks making self-driving cars used Grand Theft Auto V to help train their AIs. You might have wondered what that looks like. You... might not learn that watching this Twitch livestream of an AI learning to drive in GTA V. The compubrain, named Charles, is less advanced, though Charles sounds fancy in creator Harrison 'Sentdex' Kinsley's description: "a convolutional neural network that learns to drive through deep learning." Charles often ends up atop highway barriers, ramming walls, or battered in ludicrous police chases. This makes Charles no less fun to watch.

A few years ago, artificial intelligence researchers discovered that Grand Theft Auto V, the blockbuster 2013 video game, was good for more than stealing cars and causing mayhem on the fictional mean streets of Los Santos. Its realistic graphics and physics engine provide an excellent virtual environment for training self-driving cars. The game's sprawling urban and rural environments are populated with pedestrians, drivers and animals that dynamically interact with the AI. Training an autonomous car system is all the more efficient when running over a pedestrian doesn't result in real-life injuries and legal troubles.

In the most notable case, a joint project between OpenAI, the Elon Musk-backed research group, and DeepDrive, a platform for training self-driving cars in GTA V, was shut down. The collaboration allowed OpenAI's bot, called Universe, to learn how to drive a car in GTA V. The project was generating interest from researchers, but it didn't take long for the game publisher to also take notice. A January 11, 2017 OpenAI blog post announcing the project was pulled down and the code on GitHub withdrawn. "We took down our project following the receipt of a letter from Take-Two," said an OpenAI spokesperson. 350c69d7ab


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