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Jason Hinterweger
Jason Hinterweger

Campaign Cartographer City Designer 3 Download Free |LINK|

Ari Gilder is a software engineer, and has been interested in maps for a long time. He spent seven years working on Google Maps, working on features like local business search, Google Maps and Navigation on mobile, and studying the way users understand maps. He even proposed to his wife using maps. He often spends hours staring at maps in fantasy novels, and in 2013 starting putting together some of his own dungeon and battle maps for a D&D campaign. After a hiatus of several years, he recently dived back into cartography with CC3+, tackling more overland and city maps in preparation for a new D&D campaign. He is a father of two, and has recently introduced his older daughter to cartography, both hand-drawn and with CC3+ where she insists that black and purple varicolor trees must surround everything.

Campaign Cartographer City Designer 3 Download Free

This is a map of the City of Lost Souls. The map is done in City designer 3 (CD3) from Profantasy combining the included styles A and B with the latest annual city style by Jon Roberts. The end result from CD3 has then been quite heavily edited in Photoshop, where the labeling also has been done.

With the release of the archives, the Vintyri website now offers free add-ons for personal and commercial use with a total of 20,425 new bitmap symbols and 708 new bitmap fills and with a total download size of 10.4 GB. The archives include Dundjinni user creations from 2008 to the present. The other packages are:

When it comes to support, CC3 and CC3+ are probably two of the best supported programmes in the market, and I am not talking about the two add-ons which you will probably buy in one go. There is the Cosmographer, the Fractal Terrains, the Perspectives and the dioramas, as well as all sorts of additional symbol sets, source maps for castles, cities and temples, cartographer's annuals and a WWII Interactive Atlas. I wish I had that one when I was playtesting Dust Adventures and World War Cthulhu. The online community is thriving; I found quite the answers to the (rather basic) question I had without much fuss. Hell, there is even a free online library with some 893 maps that can be used without paying a cent.


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