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Kabut Sutra Ungu Pdf Download

Kabut Sutra Ungu Pdf Download

Kabut Sutra Ungu is a novel by Ike Soepomo that was adapted into a film by Sjumandjaja in 1979. The novel and the film tell the story of Miranti, a young widow who faces various challenges before she can remarry with her brother-in-law Dimas. The novel and the film are considered as classics of Indonesian literature and cinema, respectively.

Kabut Sutra Ungu Pdf Download

If you are interested in reading Kabut Sutra Ungu, you can download the pdf version of the novel from various sources on the internet. However, before you do that, you might want to know more about the novel and the film, as well as the author and the director. Here are some facts and information that you might find useful:

  • The novel Kabut Sutra Ungu was published in 1978 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama. It was Ike Soepomo's debut novel and won the first prize in a novel writing competition held by the publisher. The novel was praised for its realistic portrayal of the social and psychological issues faced by widows in Indonesia.

  • The film Kabut Sutra Ungu was released in 1979 by Matari Artis Jaya Film. It was directed by Sjumandjaja, who also wrote the screenplay based on the novel. The film starred Jenny Rachman as Miranti and Roy Marten as Dimas, with other actors such as El Manik, Sys NS, Ami Priyono, Farouk Afero, and Chitra Dewi in supporting roles.

  • The film Kabut Sutra Ungu was a commercial and critical success. It was the most popular Indonesian film of 1979, attracting almost half a million viewers in Jakarta alone. It also won four Citra Awards at the 1980 Indonesian Film Festival, including Best Film, Best Actress for Jenny Rachman, Best Supporting Actress for Chitra Dewi, and Best Cinematography for Leo Fioole. The film also received a special award for showing a psychological change in society.

  • The novel and the film Kabut Sutra Ungu are both considered as important works of Indonesian literature and cinema. They are often studied and analyzed by scholars and critics for their themes, characters, style, and social commentary. They are also widely admired by readers and viewers for their emotional impact and artistic quality.

  • Ike Soepomo (1946-2010) was an Indonesian writer and journalist. She wrote several novels, short stories, essays, and children's books. She also worked as an editor for various magazines and newspapers. She was known for her feminist perspective and her focus on women's issues in her works.

  • Sjumandjaja (1934-1985) was an Indonesian filmmaker and activist. He directed 13 feature films and several documentaries and short films. He also wrote scripts, produced films, taught film courses, and founded film organizations. He was known for his social realism and his involvement in political movements.

Now that you have learned more about Kabut Sutra Ungu, you might want to read the novel or watch the film yourself. You can download the pdf version of the novel from [this link] or [this link]. You can also watch the film online from [this link]. Enjoy!


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