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Where Can You Buy Lotus Flowers

Your direct source for spring dormant lotus tubers grown true to name, here in the USA! Bruise free, disease free and true to name. Browse our site for information on the Sacred Lotus, lotus care as well as text and graphics. Feel free to email us with any questions you have regarding lotus using the pink 'send us a message' form at the bottom of the page.

where can you buy lotus flowers

DOWNLOAD: is the best place to buy or research more thank 270 varieties of sacred lotus hybrids for sale, however for our complete line of products, where you can purchase many different types of pond plants, waterlilies, tadpoles along with a variety of dry goods that can be shipped directly to you, please visit our Pond Megastore Nurseries by going to

There has never been a better time to grace your pond or patio with some of the most amazing lotus the world has to offer. A dazzling display of lush, full lotus specimens in a variety of colors, are all here at PondLotus. Read More

For thousands of years the lotus has been considered sacred. It is one of the most studied plants on the planet, especially for "The Lotus Effect". Scientists are studying the lotus and it's properties for its applications in all areas, from medicine to technology. Read More

When planting lotus, whether from seed or tuber, never fertilize until you have aerial leaves growing out of the water. Once you have aerial leaves, you may fertilize every three weeks during the growing/blooming season. Read More

Teacup or Exquisite of Bowl Lotus are amazing specimens that take very little room to grow. The hybrid varieties are exquisite and include reds, whites, pinks, yellows and versicolor lotus. Most grow no taller than 14 inches, in small containers on your deck or patio. Read More

One of the most requested questions that we receive all year is about obtaining cut lotus (and or waterlily) flowers as they are so very difficult and near impossible to find here in the USA. Not a problem at all in many places like Thailand or Vietnam though they are more scarce there at the end of the year when the sun is low enough the plants provide... Read More

Lotus have been Hybridized hundreds of years ago or perhaps longer in places like China. During the food shortage years of the Mao regime countless lotus were lost when the government ordered only certain food crops be grown. Some survived that time but we do not know about the hybridizers of those periods. Hybridizers of the newer varieties are definitely around and working on some fascinating new cultivars.... Read More

Deacon deGarmeaux Lotus is a splendid red to pink, medium-large, single petal lotus, hybridized by Laura Bancroft. It was named for a little boy who died much too soon. All proceeds from the sale of this lotus go to children's charities around the world. Read More

Though all the Lotus that we sell are perennial (winter hardy), care of lotus is required for proper overwintering of the plants. Lotus can be grown in the pond or outside in solid containers the garden or in patios/walkways. In the pond the plants honestly care mostly for themselves, simply trim the stems above the waterline an inch or so and let the pots be. Do not sink... Read More

The lotus is a remarkable plant with a beautiful flower, it is also a vegetable! Almost all parts of the lotus are edible. Whether eaten raw, candied, pickled, stir fried, mashed or dried, the lotus has been used as a food staple in many countries for centuries, as well as teas and medicines. Read More

- Lotus are grown from dormant Tubers.- Vegetative reproduction is the only way to genetically keep a hybrid true to name.Pink is one of the the largest selection of hybrid lotus for sale. The color comes easily from the Asian species, Sacred lotus which is pink (Nelumbo nucifera). This species has a historical significance in many of the earliest cultures. A plant that rises from the mud with not only great beauty but also the ability to remain untainted by the mud. Lotus plants have a most interesting genetic makeup to keep the leaves of the plant pure and clean.

Plant description Decorated Lantern Lotus has BREATHTAKING, semi-double flowers that go from rosy-red to white with red tips. Golden-yellow receptacles and stamens add to the elegance of this lotus specimen. Decorated Lantern is an exquisite addition for any pond or patio...

Sugar Pie Pink Lotus Plant Description Sugar Pie Pink Lotus is a SPECTACULAR lotus and is simply PINK PERFECTION! Ruffled layers of cotton-candy pink flowers are perfectly shaped on this tall lotus! One of the prettiest lotus available! Sugar Pie Pink...

Apricot Pink #13 Lotus Plant description Apricot Pink #13 Lotus has rich, full, carnation-pink blooms edged in darker pink giving the flower depth and interest. This is a dwarf-medium lotus with multi-petal flowers in sumptuous shades of pink!A standout in your...

Buddha's Seat 13 is a tall lotus which produces radiant pink blooms amid the heavenly green foliage. This is a much better bloomer that the previous Buddha's Seat in years past. This plant adds beauty and grace to your water...

Plant description Charming Lips Lotus has long, pink tipped petals and peony-like blooms with dancing form. JUST HEAVENLY! The soft, creamy-whites and luscious pinks on Charming Lips Lotus are simply beautiful! A lovely, changeable lotus! ...

Colorful Glow Lotus Plant Description Colorful Glow Lotus comes in shades of cotton-candy pinks and creamy-whites along with a yellow-gold receptacle that embellishes this delightful lotus! This lotus specimen looks lovely in pots on your deck or patio or in...

Morning In Yaochi Plant Description Morning In Yaochi Lotus has warm, sunny pinks on this tall, single-petal lotus evoke memories of a beautiful, summer sunrise. The color on the inner petal is a warm shade of sunny-pink while outer petal...

Plant description East Lake Pink Lotus is a fabulous bloomer! Large, gorgeous, single-petal flowers open wide above the emerald green foliage. Color on these amazing blooms is deep, rich pink! Along with the large, pink, single-petal blooms are large seeds...

Dancing Phoenix Lotus Plant Description Dancing Phoenix Lotus has dark-pink petal tips that embellish this creamy-white, single-petal lotus. Dancing Phoenix Lotus blooms beautifully throughout the summer! These exquisite blooms are held regally above the emerald-green foliage. Small in size, big...

Sacred Lotus - Our most popular lotus! Sacred Lotus is a tall, pink, single petal lotus in shades of pink. Second or third day flowers may fade to white. The lotus flower exudes beauty and grace. The Sacred Lotus is revered...

Dunhuang Red Lotus Plant Description Dunhuang Red Lotus is a striking, tall lotus with large, pink, first day blooms that lighten with second and third day flowers. The flowers grow beautifully on this tall variety and there are lots of eye-catching...

Their stock now includes over 400 different types of lotus flowers, and they continue to work on site with hybridizing flowers. As their business has expanded, so has their lineup of unique plants and in turn, so has their reputation and customer base.

They have koi and pond fish available, along with other backyard pond supplies. Since you may choose to bring your lotus flower inside for our Upstate winter, they have gorgeous pottery to keep your plants safe.

Starting in late July, the majority of the lotus flowers are blossoming, and their season runs until about mid-September. Many of the flowers close up with the mid-day sun, so getting there on an August morning is the perfect time to see colors popping.

Miho Hatanaka is a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in chronic disease management and stress and emotional eating. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and dietetics in 2015 and completed her internship at Montclair State University in 2016. She is the founder of ZEN Integrative Nutrition & Health, where she currently practices. Miho serves as a diversity committee chair for the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine. In addition, Miho is also a diversity liaison for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The two compounds responsible for the psychoactive and medicinal properties in blue lotus flower are apomorphine and nuciferine. Always check your local and federal laws and consult your healthcare provider before trying the flower.

Limited studies exist on blue lotus flower and its effect on human health and safety. Due to its psychoactive properties, always consult with a healthcare provider and avoid driving or performing other activities while under the influence.

Most advocates of blue lotus flower consume it through tea, smoking, vaping, or essential oil inhalation. Due to the unknown safety and lack of standard dosage recommendations, be sure to follow the package instructions.

The first Plant Center that you can visit in California is Sunland Water Gardens. You can find it at 9948 Sunland Blvd Sunland, CA 91040 (818) 353-5131. The Sunland Water Garden provides plenty of aquatic plants, pond supplies and aquascape. They actually offer the Lotus flowers for sale with all its different varieties.

It comes in hot pink with a white throat. The Pink Angel lotus is considered a mini sized Lotus which will be at home in small containers or large Koi ponds. However, this kind of lotus is a very reliable and dependable bloomer which will be blooming several times a year. This is the national flower of India which is commonly known as a the Indian lotus.

This kind of lotus is a great performer that can enhance the beauty of any pond. This is the most popular lotus in America which can be placed in a container garden or a small pond. It will grow in water 2 inches up to 2 feet deep.

The ideal condition of this lotus will grow 4-5 feet inches. The flower size will reach 9-12 inches with the leaves with 18-23 inches. This kind of flower is really fragrant. You actually can buy Mrs. Perry D. Slocum Water Lotus at Sunland Water Garden. 041b061a72


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