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Summer Vacation In Shimla Essay

Different students have different ways of spending their summer holidays. While some visit their grandparents, others join summer camps, yet others like to stay at home and catch up on their studies. Here are essays of varying lengths on How I Spent My Summer Vacation to help you with the topic of your exam. It is written in very easy and understandable language. It may be a better reference point for you, and you can also add your own experience to make your essay the best.

summer vacation in shimla essay

This summer, I decided to stay at my home during summer vacation instead of going anywhere for the trip. To spend my time fruitfully, I joined classes where I learned canvas painting, and along with it, I also started learning table tennis. I helped my mom in the kitchen afternoons and assisted my dad with some accounts-related tasks. This was the best time when I felt close to and involved with my family. Then, for the remaining time, I went out with friends. I also spent some time watching movies and web series. Besides entertainment, these shows and movies also taught me some life lessons.

My sister and I decided to spend summer vacation with my grandparents this year. They live in a small village near Kutch district, Gujarat. We were unsure about this trip because we had never visited any town before and knew nothing about their lifestyle. But as days passed, we adjusted to their way of living and enjoyed it.

This has been one of the best holidays I have ever gone on. I saw so many beautiful places, had great experiences, and spent a lot of time with my loving family. My last summer vacation was indeed the best so far.

Below I have narrated a journey to a few places I took during my last summer vacation. Though I returned and joined the school after that, the memories of the journey and the places are deeply engraved in my heart.

Free sample essay on A Visit to a Hill Station. During the summer vacation last year, our school organised a trip to Shimla. In the scorching summer, a visit to a hill station is really a relieving experience.

Shimla, the beautiful capital of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country. Especially during the summer months, this marvellous location stays jam-packed with visitors. There are a number of tourist places in Shimla that can be visited on a vacation. It is quite a popular destination for its Victorian architecture, which can be witnessed in a certain section of the Ridge and the Mall. Shimla is also known as one of the ideal places of interest for the honeymooners. The cool and pleasant climate of Shimla makes it a renowned summer retreat. It is nestled at an elevation of around twenty-two hundred meters above sea level. The region of Shimla is a beautiful hilly terrain covered with lush greenery all around. Although this place is mostly visited during the summers there are also a number of vacationers who prefer visiting Shimla in the autumn months owing to the less amount of crowd and the mesmerizing views.

We enjoyed the Dubai Fountain and also went to the Dubai mall and had lots of shopping. Later we went to ski Dubai and enjoyed to the fullest. It was the most amazing week of my life. The wonderful experience included beautiful beaches, incredible clubs and having yummiest food. We have clicked so many pictures at different places.After this great trip I returned back to my sweet home and all my cousins came to my place and we did lots of fun and went to different malls in Delhi after all this fun. I joined dance classes and completed my holiday homework. This is how I completed my summer vacations.

I spend 4 days in Hong Kong and return back to my home and relaxed for 2-3 days and this is how I spend my summer vacation. It was just a wonderful experience and the unforgettable vacations of my life.

Summertime is a magical moment in the year, and each summer vacation represents a period of freedom in a boring school and college life, About a month before the summer holidays arrive, students tend to begin thinking about how they are going to spend their free time, especially college students because they are usually so busy with their homework, assignments and complex concepts so they individually can find time for themselves during the semester to do anything else besides studying.

Our school had organized a trip to a tourist place in a mountainous region during the summer vacation. The trip was for 15 days and we were going to Shimla, Kullu, and Manali. Everyone was eager and excited to go there. Our joy knew no bounds, Himachal Pradesh is indeed an attraction for everybody. 350c69d7ab


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