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Download Borang Socso 8a __TOP__

socso8a socso8a socso8a socso8a socso8a socso8a borang 8a borang 8a borang 8a borang 8a borang 8a 8a form 8a form 8a form An employer who employs one or more employees must register and make monthly contributions to the SOCSO for all employees in accordance with the Employee Welfare Act 1969. Since January 2016, there is RM 250 per year income tax exemption for contributions to the SOCSO. As of January 2019, all overseas employees are required to contribute to the SOCSO.The employer and his employees must be registered with the SOCSO no later than 30 days after the Law becomes applicable in the industry. To register, an employer must complete the Employer Registration Form, Borang 8A Report, along with the specified relevant documents.The SOCSO will be notified of any changes in name, address, type of ownership, employer or employee status.

Download Borang Socso 8a


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